September 11, 2012

No Min Woo - Collection 26


  1. wow! the top 2 pics....WOW.

    the third

  2. when i first saw you in Midas and Gumiho thought you were handsome and a good actor.Hoped to see you in a lead.

    Then when I saw you in actress and butler, online, thought you are a gentleman.

    When I saw videos of you online singing with a sweet voice (loved Trap and Sad Love), strumming strings of the guitar with finesse, and playing the piano elegantly, I thought you are so talented...multi-talented.

    Then when I saw you playing the drums from Back eyed pea- boom, and 2pm heartbeat and Gee, I thought you owned it! You were like a totally different person...the gentleman became a tiger... simply impressive. I like 2PM but never liked Heartbeat until I heard your version. Your version should have been the original. Totally owned it!

    Finally, when I saw you in Africa and with your fans noticed that you are very tentative to those around you. Taking the time to stop, say hello and sign autographs, you have such a warm heart.

    Someone so amazing can't be overlooked. Someone so beautiful inside and out is precious as a pearl in a oyster shell hidden in the depths of a vast ocean.
    When it surfaces it shines from every corner.